The Orange County History Museum in Orlando, formerly the Orange County Courthouse, has a bench with the name “Ted Bundy” carved in it, preserved under plexiglass. While some local historians dispute the authenticity of the “signature”, it is generally believed that Bundy carved his name into the table while on trial for the Kimberly Leach murder.


Conversation from A Father's Story
  • Jeff: I guess I've really done it this time. I'm sorry. How's grandma?
  • Lionel: She's doing OK. She sends her love.
  • Jeff: I'm really sorry for all the trouble I've caused her.
  • Lionel: Well, she's going to be all right. We've had some trouble at the house, though. There were a lot of reporters around, that sort of thing.
  • Jeff: So they're really bothering you?
  • Lionel: They have been, yeah. We had some eggs thrown at the house. The police are helping us. They do the best they can.
  • Jeff: Well, maybe the reporters will go away after a while.
  • Lionel: Maybe. The roses look good...the ones you planted.
  • Jeff: That's good.
  • Lionel: The yellow ones and the red ones.
  • Jeff: That's good. It's a nice garden.
  • Lionel: The cat's doing fine. She always wants to be brushed. You know how she likes that.
  • Jeff: Yeah.
  • Lionel: She's always trying to be brushed. Remember how you used to do it?
  • Jeff: I don't know what to say.
  • Lionel: I don't either.
  • Jeff: I really screwed up this time.
  • Lionel: Yes, you did.
  • Jeff: I really blew it.
  • Lionel: Well, you can still be treated, Jeff. I didn't really realize how sick you were. You need help, Jeff.
  • Jeff: I guess.
  • Lionel: We just need to make sure you get some help. You know, mental help.
  • Jeff: I guess so.
  • Lionel: Maybe you can get better, Jeff.
  • Jeff: Maybe.
  • Lionel: With professionals, people who can help you.
  • Jeff: How's Shari?
  • Lionel: Fine.
  • Jeff: Good.
  • Lionel: She sends her love.
  • Jeff: Good.
  • Lionel: She's at home in Ohio.
  • Jeff: She didn't come up?
  • Lionel: No, not yet.
  • Jeff: The food is bad here.
  • Lionel: It is?
  • Jeff: And it's hard to sleep. There's a lot of screaming.
  • Lionel: Well, just do your best.
  • Jeff: They keep the lights on all the time.
  • Lionel: Well, try to sleep.
  • Jeff: OK.
  • Lionel: You need to sleep.
  • Jeff: I really messed up.
  • Lionel: Yes, but Shari and I will stand by you, Jeff.
  • Jeff: Sorry.

Most criminals, the majority of criminals kill for money, to get money for drugs. Some are not in their right minds, some are drunk, they kill for greed, lust, and things like this and, so, no, I don’t think it acts as a deterrent because a criminal rarely thinks about his own death when committing a crime where such emotions as rage and hatred take hold of him. So, very little thought is given to his own demise when such feelings are raging inside of him at the time that he commits a murder or a crime. See, governments kill with impunity and sometimes they choose killers to go out and kill people for them. They justify it, they rationalize it, they pin medals on killers. Well, if you don’t have a license to kill for the government, they won’t pin a medal on you but they’ll put you in the gas chamber.”

- Richard Ramirez on being asked if the death penalty is a deterrent.

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One year today Richard. I hope you are resting peacefully. Today I will read The Night Stalker again and listen to the Highway To Hell album in your remembrance. I, and everyone else love you very much. RIP beautiful. X

Well, it’s January 24th here in Tallahassee, Florida. The anniversary of Ted Bundy’s death.


R.I.P. you beautiful bastard. It’s a real shame that I never got a chance to meet you.


"I would not change places with any other man in the world. I consider you a miracle In my life and in spite of the disaster we have suffered, I would not for a moment ever wish for another woman. You are the most loving and lovely woman I have ever known…"

——A excerpt of a letter Ted Bundy sent to his lover Elizabeth, from the book The Phantom Prince: My Life with Ted Bundy.